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Re: ipod's (or other mp3 players) and Fedora

Phil Meyer wrote:
Kevin Kempter wrote:
Hi All;

I have Fedora 10 x86_64 running as my main (only) OS on my laptop I travel with. I'd like to get an ipod or similar device. I've heard a few things about ipod's - can anyone verify if this is true: - that a new ipod has to be 'formatted' on a mac or windows box before use - that the ipod database is somehow hashed so only itunes can write to it

Also I'm looking for any suggestions per mp3 players (or ipods) that play nice with linux (Fedora 10) and what tools you'all are using to move your music around.

Music is one of my passions. It 'helps' me stay focused and relatively sane. I don't go far without my music collection.

Since 2000, I have been testing and discarding mp3 players. There just aren't any that I, personally, like. Some have features, some have style, but none have both.


1.   Expandable storage.
2.   Popular, common, and free formats supported.
3.   Unobtrusive to my habits.


1. RARE: There are a few very simple mp3 players built into card readers. There are also a vanishing few that have SD card expansions.

2. This one is easier, and many new players can do ogg and others. You can even hack an ipod to support open formats, but do you want to?

3. This is another very tough one. I had, for years, smart phones with good music players. Unfortunately, the iPhone is not a good one when it comes to a basic music player! NONE of the Apple products support bluetooth stereo headsets. Sure you can mangle something together with a dongle, but come on!
Have you tried new nokia phones. Most of them support MicroSD cards up to 8GB at the moment and bluetooth headsets. And also have extra niceties likes inbuild gps and okay web browser. Can't say how they compare to iPhone as haven't used one and will not buy it as long as they keep it tied to one operator which I don't like. Of course I can't say what models they have for non GSM/3G-networks as I live in Finland.


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