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Re: sanDisk sansa View (16G mp3 & video player) issues

Todd Denniston wrote:
> fully charged battery?
> USB hub capable of sustaining the current required to charge the device?
> I ask because when I was preparing to put data on a 4GB one using a Dell
> windows computer the other day it did something similar ... then I
> realized (found that the optical mouse also on that hub did not work
> anymore) that the current draw had burned out the power in the hub (in
> Dell monitor hub).
> So I suggest first charging it (with a non computer USB charger) or
> using a very powerful USB hub.
That sounds like a poorly designed hub - the port that is drawing
too much is supposed to shut down, and leave the rest of the ports

One more thing to check - you can not use a bus powered hub if you
are going to have heavy current draw. You definitely need a
self-powered hub.


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