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Re: Network Manager, Firefox and more on FC10

McGuffey, David C. wrote:


I almost hate to bring this topic up again because it was beaten to death earlier. However…I’m having a problem with NetworkManager scribbling a bizarre netmask into my *SUPPOSEDLY* static address info for eth0.

I get it configured, and it works for a while, then I end up with dns lookup failures. When I go to NetworkManager I find it has duplicated the gateway address ( into the netmask entry also.

Getting static addressing to work under NetworkManager has been nothing short of a hair-pulling experience. The folks working NetworkManager need to understand that not *ALL* linux boxes will travel…some are single-purpose boxes on networks that have a security policy that mandates static addressing. When one checks the static address button, NetworkManager must absolutely stop scribbling in places it shouldn’t!!!!

*/ Dave McGuffey /*

*/ Principal Information System Security Engineer // NSA-IEM, NSA-IAM /*

*/ SAIC, IISBU, Columbia , MD /*

This is interesting as I was trying to setup a static IP using system-config-network and had the same problem. I was not using Network Manager because I need my network live at all times.

I thought Network Manager was doing this at first but I don't even have Network Manager installed on this machine.

It looks like there is a bug in the network configuration scripts that don't set the correct netmask.

Robin Laing

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