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Dependencies for fglrx drivers


I am having trouble with getting F10 (x86_64) to boot with my Radeon
HD4870. I will start at the beginning.

While installing from the DVD (x86_64), graphical installation was not
possible with my HD4870. Even with vga=ask and choosing the proper
resolution didn't help. So I did a text install, and tried to install
the fglrx rpms from RPMFusion from command line. Even after trying to
figure out the dependencies (my computer is not connected to the
Internet, hence have to do this manually) and having all the relevant
packages in the directory, rpm complains something like this,


I checked my system, I have the 64 bit libraries under /usr/lib64
however they are version 6 rather than 5. I am guessing I would need
the 32 bit libraries too. But shouldn't having the libraries for
libstdc++6 be enough? Or do I need to downgrade to 5?

Right now I am stuck at runlevel 3 (no GUI, even startx from command
line gives me a white screen). Thanks in advance for any insight.


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