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Re: Gnome sound events volume too low

David Timms writes:

Sam Varshavchik wrote:
For some reason, the volume at which all gnome sound events (login sound, etc) became minimal. I can barely hear them. All other audio (flash video, etc) plays back at normal volume, only gnome sound events are affected.

I checked all the mixer settings already -- master volume control is at 100%. All playback controls -- PCM, Front, etc… are also at 100%.
Did you check Pulseaudio Volume Control ?

What Pulseaudio Volume Control? The only volume control knobs I have is the volume control applet on the taskbar. And, as I said, all of the volume control settings that are at 100%.

Is Playback|System Sounds turned up, and not muted ?
What about the Output Devices channel ?

Playback/System sounds are enabled. As I said, I can hear the system sounds, but only at about 5% volume. All other application audio -- flash video, mplayer, etc, comes in at full volume.

I don't have anything in the desktop menu labeled 'Pulseaudio Volume Control', only the gnome volume control, in the Hardware menu.

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