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Re: F10 dual boot Opensuse 11.1?

On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 3:03 AM, Nat Gross <nat101l gmail com> wrote:
> One of my machines is currently running Opensuse 11.1 (updated from
> 11.0) and I would like to switch it over to F10.
> It is imperative however, that for a while I can also boot into
> opensuse until I am confident that all data (and software) is working
> properly in F10.
> I have /opt on its own partition which has 90% of my custom programs
> and data and scripts. I will need to mount that in F10 as well.
> My key concern is something that should be simple, Grub, should not
> overwrite the boot loader info. In the past when testing distros, I
> was always told that it's simple, but in fact, the last distro
> installed ususally won <g>. (Even after many hours playing with grub.)
> What I want to know is that since F10 has new boot stuff, does it
> finally respect another distro at least like Windoz, and automatically
> configure the boot menu to allow use of either distro? Is it at least
> truly simple to configure manually?
> thanx
> natG
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have a look at configfile function in grub , and you'll find how
gently does grub hold dual or multi linux boot
you can reinstall the grub while installing the fedora 10 , it's okay
, to use the configfile , it can load the menu.lst file under your
opensuse partition


Keep It Simple Stupid

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