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Re: stack trace page with kdump, possible?

Gianluca Cecchi wrote:
with CentOS 4 I was able to setup a server 1 with netdump client
package and a netdump server 2 so that when a panic occured on 1, I
received on the netdump server 2 both the vmcore file and another file
named "log" containing stack trace (this log on 2 was also filled by
commands such as "echo m > /proc/sysrq-trigger" issued on 1).
With Fedora 10 and CentOS 5 I now have kdump. I configured it on both
kinds of OS so that I successfully get an scp of the vmcore when I
force a panic with
echo c > /proc/sysrq-trigger.
Unfortunately I don't get the log file with the stack trace page and
this would be useful for example if the crash happens during the night
and the display goes stbdy or if the server immediately reboots and
you don't have the time to see the stack trace page.
Any help if it is possible to configure kdump so that it repostrs also
the stack page?
Or if I can easily get the stack page from the vmcore file....?

Although network crash dumps via netdump have been removed from the distribution, the log messages can still be captured using the netconsole facility. See the configuration file in /etc/sysconfig/netconsole and the initscript /etc/init.d/netconsole.

You'll also need a syslog or netdump server configured on the network to capture the messages.


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