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Re: xorg.conf resolution issues

> Hello Jack,
> You haven't stated what steps you have tried to set this, so I'll take a
> stab.
> Have you tried deleting your xorg.conf (if you created one while trying
> to solve the problem) and adjusting the resolution using the RANDR
> extension while X is running? From the command line you can use xrandr,
> or from the desktop using $YOURDESKTOP resolution-setting tool.
> Alternately, if you're using the NVIDIA proprietary drivers, you may be
> able to use the nvidia-settings tool to adjust your resolution.
> In both cases, if 1280x1024 is not listed, it's probably because your
> monitor is not reporting it as an available resolution (perhaps because
> communication with the monitor is not working -- KVM switch or other
> culprit -- or because the values reported back don't include 1280x1024
> or the 1280x1024 information reported by the monitor conflict with other
> values, e.g., the permissible horizontal or vertical scan range
> specified in xorg.conf).
> -Chris


Thank you for your reply. I did just add a KVM prior to installing F10. I
didn't think it would be an issue but I think that might be the culprit.
When I get home I'll remove it and see what happens. If that is the case -
is there a way around it? Or can I remove it, reconfigure X, and
re-install the KVM?

Thanks again.

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jack wallen, jr
sooooooooo yeah

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