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Re: KDE 4.0.x

Robert Karge wrote:
> Forgive me all but KDE 4.0 sucks.
> My system: ASUS mother board P5Q, Intel Processor Core 2 3.0 Mhz. 8Gb of
> Ram, Linux 10 64.
> I have been a software engineer for 30 years and still pride my self on
> being able to "dope out" the functional
> interface to software products.
> KDE 4.0 totally escapes me.  I have spent a great deal of time locating what
> docs are available and
> pursued many deadends in my attempt to figure this desktop out.
> I gritted my teeth and am using Gnome.
> If anyone could point me to docs that explain the details of manipulating
> 'Kicker' keystroke by keystroke and how-to
> I would appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> Bob K

KDE 4 doesn't suck.  The documentation might, but the GUI is
magnificent. It's much better than GNOME ever has been.  Although it
does have some quirks.  (And 4.0 is not supported anymore, try 4.1.3,
it's the latest stable and it's great.)  I'm currently mucking with
4.2's latest RC and it's even better than 4.1.x.

So, now that I've plugged KDE.  What problems are you having with
kicker?  A 'blow by blow' of each and every bit would take too long.
Maybe I can help with figuring it out.

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quadraturae circuli

Mark Haney
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