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Re: Encrypted partition backups.

Chris Snook wrote:
Robin Laing wrote:
OK, now it is an option to create encrypted partitions with F10 during install. With this, the issue of backups gets changed and I wonder how people are dealing with it.

I am about to install a system where each users home directory will be encrypted and mounted on login and unmounted on logout.

Now the question comes to how to make automatic backups of these encrypted partitions when they are not mounted. This has to take into account that the backup needs to be as secure as the original users directories.

Is there a tool that allows partition backups of only the changes as with incremental backups? Do we just have to clone the partition and make copies of that each time?

It is a question that I have posed to our IT staff and they have not thought about it either.

Device mapper can make snapshots of logical volumes. That's probably what you want.

-- Chris

I will have to look at this.

These are not logical volumes and won't be. There is no need to be LV's as each partition is seperate for various reasons. They are large enough to meet each users requirements. With the size and costs of drives today, it is easier to make larger partitions at the start.

Robin Laing

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