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Re: xorg.conf resolution issues

Since I use a CRT, I have to choose resolutions that are in the ration of 4 to 3

1280 x 960 is the 4 to 3 ratio.  1280 x 1024 is definitely not.  LCD displays have a 1280x1024 ratio (I think).

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From: jack wallen <jlwallen monkeypantz net>
Subject: Re: xorg.conf resolution issues
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Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 8:12 PM

> In both cases, if 1280x1024 is not listed, it's probably because your
> monitor is not reporting it as an available resolution (perhaps because
> communication with the monitor is not working -- KVM switch or other
> culprit -- or because the values reported back don't include 1280x1024
> or the 1280x1024 information reported by the monitor conflict with other
> values, e.g., the permissible horizontal or vertical scan range
> specified in xorg.conf).
> -Chris
hey all...this wound up being the KVM switch. i removed it, rebooted,
and it came up fine. thanks for all the help.

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