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Re: xorg.conf resolution issues

I stand corrected about 1152x864.

Now, how can I set the sweep frequency. Instead of 85, I would like it to be 75 or 70. My choices right now are 85 or 65.


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Subject: Re: xorg.conf resolution issues
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Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 8:33 PM

Leslie Satenstein wrote:
> Since I use a CRT, I have to choose resolutions that are in the ration of
4 to 3
> 1280 x 960 is the 4 to 3 ratio. 1280 x 1024 is definitely not. LCD
displays have a 1280x1024 ratio (I think).

1280x1024 may not be 4x3, but it was a VESA standard resolution *long* before
LCDs became affordable and popular:

640x480 -> 800x600 -> 1024x768 -> 1280x1024 -> 1600x1200

was the progression of CRT capabilities (IIRC). Somewhere along the way, Sun
stuck in 1152x900 (when 1152x864 is the 4x3 size) with their workstations. So
not every CRT size is necessarily 4x3.

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