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Re: Dependencies for fglrx drivers

On Thursday 15 January 2009 01:22:53 Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
> Rather then "someone thinking they know better than you do how you
> should use your computer", I think it is the case that most people
> are not going to need it, so it is not on the DVD. If you need it,
> you can use yum to install it. I have not needed it on any of my
> machines.
> I keep hearing complaints like this from people that the defaults do
> not work for, or that think the DVD should contain some other
> programs, and not some of the ones that it does. While the balance
> may not be perfect, I think it does a fairly good job of providing a
> base install for most people. The default package choices don't
> provide me with exactly what I want, but my preferences are a bit
> different then the "average user". I don't expect the distribution
> to match my needs "out of the box". I do expect to be able to
> customise it for my needs. So far, Fedora takes the least amount of
> customising.

I think the big, insoluble problem here is that if you don't have a working 
display at all it can't possibly ask you whether you want to install s-c-d to 
fix it.  It's a catch22.  If you merely want to tweak a working one that's 
different, and there may be some way of reminding you that it's available.


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