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Re: Fedora 10 unable to mount usb drives after update

jack wallen wrote:
> a little more info. after poking around i find that usb-core is not
> loading. i try to run insmod usb-core and i get:
> insmod: can't read 'usb-core': No such file or directory
> i try:
> insmod kmod-usb-core and i get the same error.
> if i do lsmod i see 
> usb_storage            86408  0 
> but no core module. 
> is the usb_storage module the only module needed for this?
> thanks for any help on this issue.
You should use modprobe instead of insmod. Insmod needs the full
pathname to the module, and you have to take care of loading any
modules that are required for the proper operation of the module
yourself. Modprobe will take care of that for you, as well as
knowing the path to the standard kernel modules.

It will have problems if you compile your own module, and do not
install them in the modules directory, and have not run depmod after
doing this.


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