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Re: mount question

Steve wrote:
> Indeed it is a permanently mounted drive (internal IDE) and it
> has been mounted on /mnt since before /media became popular.
> I'll try changing the type from fuse to ntfs tonight and see what
> that does. The error message of "permission denied" leads me to
> think that this will not solve the problem but hey, I've been wrong
> before...1982 I think it was... ;-D
> I have to say though that I am really suprised that nobody on this
> list can give a simple answer to the seemingly simple question of
> "how do I change the mount point of a hard drive".
> Steve.
Maybe it is more of a problem with the subject that you used?
Something on the order of:

/dev/sdb1 /mnt/c_drive ntfs-3g <options> 0 0

It worked fine for me in F8 for mounting a NTFS partition.
(Different names...)


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