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Re: No system-config-display, so what now?

On Thu, 2009-01-15 at 19:14 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> It is not. You cannot rely on a static xorg.conf since the hardware
> can be switched (think new monitor on a desktop for instance) and
> writing it everytime slows down your display startup and doesn't work
> well in other instances (think LTSP).

For a lot of people, it'd be better to just create an xorg.conf file
that suits their hardly-ever changing graphics hardware (likewise for
keyboard and mouse), and initiate a change to the configuration on the
few occasions that their graphics hardware actually does change.

The obvious alternative to having no xorg.conf file (for auto set-up),
would be to have an "auto" parameter for the video driver.  That would
allow you to fix some aspects of the xorg.conf file, and leave other
parts to run automatically (without needing to rewrite the file).

I don't think changing the monitor on a desktop is going to be a
frequent occurrence, outside of a workshop.  But occasionally adding an
external monitor to a laptop is much more likely.  And you might want to
be able to fix the internal display parameters to make the LCD actually
work, yet leave the external monitor parameters for automatic probing.

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