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Re: HELP: "rpcbind: server localhost not responding"

On Thursday 15 January 2009 12:35:14 Rick Stevens wrote:
> Reg Clemens wrote:
> > HELP - I have built a new kernel (to add some options) and I have
> > obviously missed something important... but I cant find it.
> >
> > With THIS new kernel, during the boot, I get the message
> >
> > 	rpcbind: server localhost not responding, timed out
> > 	RPC: failed to contact local rpcbind server (errorno 5)

if you use tcp wrappers, you may need to enable with access to 
rpcbind in hosts.allow

> > With a previous kernel everything is OK, so its not a
> > userland problem.
> >
> > Ive looked at everything imaginable with xconfig, and I dont
> > see what Ive missed,- somebody...  point me at my stupidity.
> Er, did you enable networking?

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