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Re: jEdit on F10?

Alan Evans wrote:
Has anyone successfully installed jEdit on Fedora 10? How did you do it?

Honestly, I've never used it myself. Although it looks to be a very
capable editor. Most of the developers at my company just switched to
it (Windows users, all), so I thought it would be prudent to test it
out myself.

I just can't see a relatively painless way to install it.

I just used the Java-based installer from their site to install. I've been using it for about four years now, and I do like it for the most part, though there seems to be a problem between F10 and the default font monospaced that it uses: certain characters, such as the underscore and any character that sits partially on or below the "line" don't get rendered properly no matter what anti-aliasing, subpixel precision and other settings I've tried. Ultimately, I had to switch to another monospaced font, and the issue went away.

Be sure to install the ftp plug-in if you need to access files on a remote server via ftp or sftp. One other thing, it doesn't support Gnome's virtual file system, so if you use "Connect to Server" to mount remote file systems, it won't see them. However, if you mount them through fstab or some other means, they seem to work fine.


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