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Re: KVM Switch Suggestions -- Are The Ebay Cheapies Okay?

Ray Curtis wrote:
Tom Horsley wrote:
On Thu, 15 Jan 2009 18:56:12 -0500
Robert L Cochran wrote:

discussions (from 2007) suggest IOGear and Trendnet switches as good

If you are happy with PS/2 kybd/mouse, these cheapies work. Just don't plan on using a cheap kybd/mouse USB adapter to plug a notebook into them. You will fry something.

I had nothing but problem with any and all KVM switches I ever
tried to use for several years (I'm sure I remember Belkin
being one of the worst, I think there were one or two others
I tried from time to time).

However, I got an IOGear 4 port DVI/USB KVM switch a year or so ago
and it has surprised me by working absolutely flawlessly out of the
box with zero problems.

I've had real good luck with Avocent KVM's have never had a problem,
however Belkin is another matter, junk.

I have one 16 porter and 2 8 port Belken KVMs with USB kybd/mouse options. Console kybd/mouse is only PS/2 though. These are the F1DA108T and F1DA116T. I am very happy with them with a few caviats. Switching is with the Scroll Lock key. My wireless keyboard I had controling my old ATEN KVMs did not have a Scroll lock. Want a perfectly good wireless kybd/mouse?

One thing to watch out in shoping for KVMs. That is cables. Make sure it takes standard cables, not specialized cables or you will be locked into very expensive cables....

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