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Re: connectivity problems with FC10

On Fri, 2009-01-16 at 15:52 +0100, Harry R. wrote:
> Friends, I have installed FC10 (fresh install, new partitions, format all) and installation went 
> fine, but the network connections.
> I can connect to all machines on my own network, but Firefox 3 cannot, claiming that 
> whatever http address I type in is wrong. Opera however works fine, and I can succesfully 
> ping each and every website I can think off. 
> Also, yum cannot install anything (it cannot find its repositories), evolution does not work 
> (cant find my smtp provider) etc. 
> I think I checked everything, resolve, hosts, ifconfig, route, installed the package three times 
> now, checked cables, been reading on the Net for hours and I am now at the point of going 
> mad. 
> Anybody else having problems with FC10?
no but you might try disabling ipv6 in Firefox which *might* be causing
DNS lookup timeouts.

Start Firefox
type 'about:config' in address bar and press 'Enter'
agree to the warning
locate the following setting and double click it to change the value
from false to true

It should be 'bold' indicating that it is changed from default value

Try using Firefox


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