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Re: Need help with WLAN on Eee PC 1000H

Adalbert Prokop wrote:
fred smith schrieb:


And there's no need to compile it for f10 either. Just add the
RPM FUsion free and nonfree repositories then use "add/remove software"
to add the kmod or akmod packages for the rt2860 driver. Voila.

Well, my experience say otherwise... VoilĂ  is not true. I just installed
the akmod-rt2860 driver and restored the virgin wpa_supplicant.conf to
please NM. But still no progress in this matter.


If this procedure does not succeed the next thing I will try is to
backup F10 and restore the original WinXP. Then I'll connect to my AP
and pull the battery. I suspect the Windows driver to leave the chipset
in a dorment state. It's only a wild guess but I have no other idea.

Did FC10 possibly setup a driver for it before you installed the kmod driver ? If so that FC10 driver must be blacklisted in /etc/depmod.d/blacklist file or the kmod driver will conflict with the FC10 driver.

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