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Re: unable to get email

Paul Cartwright wrote:
> I just installed Fedora core 9 on my laptop, to replace Ubuntu. I have a 
> separate /home, so I didn't lose any emails, or settings.. Once I reinstalled 
> thunderbird, and copied over the old settings, I thought I had it working.
> But it fails to get emails from my IMAP accounts, except for my 1 business 
> email that is IMAP and does work. I even removed/recreated one account, just 
> to see if something got hosed..
> I have several domain email accounts, and none work, and they all have the 
> same incoming/outgoing server. My work email is a totally separate server, 
> both in and outgoing.
> I turned off SElinux, that didn't help, I rebooted, that didn't help.. I'm not 
> sure where to look next, any suggestions?
> thanks,

What error messages are you getting?  Have you tried setting up just one
account at a time and seeing if you can get mail?  Nothing you've given
us in this post tells us anything that could help us debug the problem.

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