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Re: Total newcomer trrying to set up wireless

David Henig wrote:
Hi all, I recently built my first Linux system, figuring it was time to give Linux a try after years and years with Windows (and many more besides in years gone by, including Unix).

It's not going well I'm afraid... I connect to the internet using a Buffalo Wireless G adaptor, but having plugged this in I have no idea whether it's properly recognised (it is listed in the network utility) nor how to make it work with the selected network. Is there a step by step process to making a wireless device work?

After that I'll need to set up a network attached printer. Should I give up now?

David, Simple things first, what interface is the Wifi adapter? Second, quick way to check out your success with the card, without knowing if it is USB, PCI, or other, is to check out either /var/log/dmesg (during a boot or reboot it should show here if it is found) or in /var/log/messages if you are using a default setup. Outside of that, I think NetworkManager would be best to get it set up if it see's the card.

Printers are easy though, so it should take less of a curve than the wifi card.


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