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Re: HOWTO: Use KDE 3 from F8 on F10

Roberto Ragusa wrote:
> Not even I've recompiled its src.rpm. Just satisfied dependencies.

That's one of the issues. To make this work in a somehow reasonable way, you
have to rebuild KDE 3 against the current libs, not rebuild old libs to run
the old packages.

Another big issue is that you have to manually downgrade the packages and
then exclude the KDE packages from updating because the ones in the repo
have a higher EVR.

And of course such a solution cannot reside in Fedora because the packages
have conflicting names, conflicting files etc. with KDE 4. So
what's "perhaps impossible" is making a solution which would be acceptable
for inclusion in Fedora, not a crude hack like yours. Not that I think that
would be useful or helpful anyway: at some point you have to switch. I'm
running KDE 4 exclusively. No KDE 3, no GNOME, no Winblow$.

        Kevin Kofler

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