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How would I request that pyjamas be added to the Fedora repositories?


I saw an announcement on a mailing list for a program called Pyjamas. How would I go about requesting that it be packaged for Fedora? The blurb on what it is is below.

What is Pyjamas for?  Pyjamas allows a developer to create
U.I applications in python as if the Web Browser was a Desktop
Widget Set toolkit platform (like pygtk2, pywxWidgets and pyqt4,
only much simpler, and more powerful). No knowledge of javascript
programming is required: the python-to-javascript compiler
takes care of the conversion between python and javascript,
and the U.I widget set takes care of all the browser and AJAX

Why don't I find that exciting?  The significance of pyjamas
takes a while to sink in.  Or you're not a UI developer.
Or you've never been asked to write an identical app that
works on both the desktop and all major web browsers.
If you're a python developer who has followed the history
of web application development of the past decade, with
much frustration and disappointment, is overwhelmed
by Javascript, AJAX and the demands of the
"Web 2.00o0ooo0 Revverlushun", then Pyjamas is
something that you should consider investigating.

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