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life without system-config-display

OK - my new Acer Aspire One is up and running Fedora 10 and KDE.

My temptation has been to create an xorg.conf and adjusting the 1024x600
into a virtual 1024x768 but OK, for the time being, I'm playing and

KDE 4's systemsettings has a really interesting 'Display' option that
allows me independent controls for the 19" LCD on my KVM (set to
1280x1024) and the built-in screen and for the present, I am using the
'clone' option.

It is apparent that if I reboot, the 19" display actually comes up in
some grotesque resolution like maybe 640x480 and if I run systemsettings
and just click the 'Display' control icon, it immediately restores the
1280x1024 setting...no need to click apply or anything else.

That seems to be a bug but it also seems that KDE is really close to
getting this tool right. In my mind, installing and running
system-config-display on this system would pretty much defeat what KDE
is trying to accomplish here.

Is there anything here worthy of a bug report?

One more thing...I set it up with my KVM and finally just booted it
without any of that attached and realized that the built-in track pad
doesn't work at all. I installed ksynaptics, disconnected the USB mouse
and rebooted but it still seems dead to the world in Fedora, not in
Windows. Anyone have a suggestion?


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