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Re: ASUS Eee just arrived - F10 install planning

Anne Wilson wrote:
On Friday 16 January 2009 20:28:39 Robert Moskowitz wrote:
Gee, my old Libretto 110 has a better layout than this thing!  Too bad
its max memory is 64Mb....

Once I instal F10, is there a way to have a right mouse click from the
pad?  Or am I only going to get that with an external mouse.

On the 701 simply hitting the right-hand side of the bar does it.

Where can I find hard docs, specs, on this?  The bottom label states it
is a Eee PC 4G Surf.

There is a good forum for EeePC users, and it's not only concerned with the installed OS. That's your best resource. For specs, google of course, and maybe installing lshw and/or dmidecode

Checkout this sight for info and more help, as far as help goes for Fedora stay on this sight.


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