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F9 doesn't find swap or /root system on new motherboard


My motherboard, on which I was running F9 x86_64 off one SATA drive, died.
I bought a new motherboard with a new cpu of the same type (AMD) and
connected the hard disk with F9 to it. Now Grub does start with these

kernel/vmlinuz/-2.6.27-etc ro root=/dev/sda3 rhgb mem=2048M enforcing 0

but the process stops at a certain point, saying:

Trying to resume from /dev/sda2
Unable to access resume device (/dev/sda2)
Creating root device
Mounting root filesystem
Mount: error mounting /dev/root on /sysroot as ext3: no such file or

IIRC I had these partitions:

/boot /dev/sda1
swap /dev/sda2
/    /dev/sda3
/home /sda5

So (also from some research I made before posting) this means that on the
new board the kernel cannot find the swap anymore, but why? I mean, if it
boots, as it does, it means that it has found the device corresponding to
the hard drive, isn't it?

How do I help grub to find the swap partition on the hd? (I need to go via
grub cause I cannot run a live CD here, there's no CD/DVD reader available
and no possibility to burn a live linux on usb keys :-( )

By the way, the motherboard is an ASUS M3N78-EM with the drive connected
to the SATA1 connector. No other hard or optical drives are present.
Connecting the hd to SATA2 or 3 doesn't change anything, moving on sata5
or 6 doesn't boot at all.

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