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Re: jpg viewer with quick brightness adjust

Anne Wilson wrote:
On Saturday 17 January 2009 03:00:14 Kevin Kofler wrote:
stan wrote:
Since Fedora 9 I haven't found kuickshow in the repositories.  I presume
it grew old and died.
Yeah, it got dropped by upstream KDE during the move to KDE 4 (in favor of

It lost its maintainer, I believe. There have been many requests for it to be revived, and someone did say that he'd look at the feasibility of taking it over, so we may get it back yet.


I downloaded the source for kuickshow 0.8.5 and got it to compile by changing the compile parameter -Wmissing-prototypes to -Wmissing-declarations in all the CXX flags in the m4 files. It seems that this parameter is not allowed in C++ and the warning caused options to fail that are required even when they are there. There are lots of warnings issued by the compiler, and it could be that one of them is the problem.

It runs great, and even shows previews. But it won't show any pictures. It opens the window and fills it with black. I've played around with settings, no change. I've looked in the code, but it seems to be done by KDE, a black box for me.

So it seems that if someone picks it up it shouldn't be too hard to get it working. Unfortunately, I'm stumped at this point.

Close, no cigar.

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