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Re: How to find out where grub is installed?

On 1/17/09, Aaron Konstam <akonstam sbcglobal net> wrote:
> On Sat, 2009-01-17 at 20:30 +0100, Andras Simon wrote:
>> I have F7 (and an unused XP) installed and I'd like to install
>> F10 without bothering F7. I have separate partitions for boot,
>> root, usr that I left empty for just this purpose when I installed
>> F7. From the recent "Grub and two distros" thread I
>> understand (or so I hope) that a good method to proceed is to
>> have grub installed in the respective Fedora versions' boot partitions,
>> and, additionally, in the drive's MBR, which will chainload these.
>> My first question is: how do I find out whether the present grub
>> is installed in the MBR or not. I'm guessing it's not, but how do
>> I find out?
> Well the machine always boots initially from the MBR. So if your machine
> boots and only has Linux on it the main grub boot would start in the
> MBR. In order to have the grub boot in another partition you would have
> to have another system booting and transferring control to the grub boot
> in that sector. XP can do that but since you say XP is not being used
> that is not what is happening.
> Bottom line your grub is most probably currently in the MBR.

But if grub is in the MBR, how can it read grub.conf from /dev/sda2?
I'm sorry if my complete lack of understanding shines through...

In any case: how do I install the "missing" grubs so that I end
up with one in the MBR and one in the /boot partition of each
version of Fedora? I assume that the installer will give me
one choice (MBR or /boot).


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