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F9 & F10: Add/Remove Software program leaves behind a running process that cannot be stopped.

Apologies, I was not able to receive email responses to my
email server, hence lost of thread...  Something seems to
be wrong with my email server, if anyone spots a problem,
with my email server, please let me know what you see?

I fired off a message to administrator of this mailing list
asking for a resolution as to why I am not receiving emails
from fedora-list.  The odd thing is, that I forgot my password
to fedora-list and fired off password request and "immediately"
received it - via my email server - perhaps a different mechanism?

In response to Craig White:
You said that the `waiting for other tasks' eventually went
away, and I left mine on - and it never went away for a looong
time - so how long did you have to wait?  Seems that for both
F9 & F10, the problem persists (and it's annoying), and it hangs
around for an hour before I gave up and rebooted.

But what is particularly bad, is that I cannot make any more
selections nor move to another group category in "Add/Remove
Software" because that and any other requests are added to the
Yum-backend queue, whereas `Waiting for other tasks" is first
line line in the queue waiting to be completed, and it never finishes.


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