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Re: How to find out where grub is installed?

Andras Simon wrote:
> But if grub is in the MBR, how can it read grub.conf from /dev/sda2?
> I'm sorry if my complete lack of understanding shines through...
> In any case: how do I install the "missing" grubs so that I end
> up with one in the MBR and one in the /boot partition of each
> version of Fedora? I assume that the installer will give me
> one choice (MBR or /boot).
> Andras
There is more then one part to Grub. The first part (stage 1) is a
small loader program that uses the BIOS to load the next part. It is
dumb, so it only know the physical location on the disk of the next
part, and it gets lost if you move it. The next part is usually
stage 1.5, and it know how to read one type of file system. You use
different stage 1.5 depending on the type of file system the grub
directory is on. Stage 1.5 then loads stage 2, and handles thigs
like loading the config file...

When you are using more then one copy of Grub, you normally install
the primary copy stage 1 in the MBR. You add chainload commands as
menu entries to load the other Grub installations. The stage 1 for
those installations are normally installed on the boot record of the
/boot partition that has the files for that copy of Grub.


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