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Re: F9 doesn't find swap or /root system on new motherboard

Craig White wrote:
> My only question to that is that it actually loaded the kernel
> from /boot before things went awry.
Grub uses the BIOS to load the kernel and initrd. It then turns
control over to the kernel. Everything after that is the
responsibility of the kernel and the initrd.

> Yes, I would agree that booting something like a live cd or rescue disk,
> checking the loaded modules and rebuilding initrd makes sense but I'm
> not convinced that it would work based upon the fact that it does
> read /boot (/dev/sda1).
It is Grub, and not the kernel that read the information. Because
Grub uses BIOS routines to access the drive, changing disk
controllers does not bother it.

When you boot from the install disk, it loads the needed drivers to
access the drive. When you build an initrd, it checks what drivers
are being used to access the root file system, and builds those into
the initrd.


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