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Firefox, dbus and NetworkManager OH MY (redux)

This whole question about firefox coming up every single time in offline mode is a real pain. The message below was a fix that I found on the net on how to patch the problem.

But recently, the problem came back, probably because of some update I made. The change that I made had been reverted. This time, I poked further on the net and came up with


where somone says that I should toggle

about:config toolkit.networkmanager.disable and set it to "true"

Ok, I did that and the problem seems to now be fixed. I guess that means I don't have anything to complain about. I'm sorry, but Ijust don't get it! Is everyone also coming up in offline mode? Yes, my eth0 (and my eth1) and not under NetworkManager, they are just started by good old network. If my eth0 and eth1 were to be started by NW, would that have caused me to not see this problem?

I'd just really like to understand this better.

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Subject: Firefox, dbus and NetworkManager OH MY

Now that I'm running F10, I notice that every time I start firefox, it comes up in offline mode. I can only browse by going to online mode. Very annoying. I googled around and found that those wacky guys over in ubuntu country had figgered it out. Here's the deal: Change every instance in



  <allow send_interface="org.freedesktop.NetworkManager"/>
  <deny send_interface="org.freedesktop.NetworkManager"/>

and then do a service NetworkManager restart and your new firefox will come up online.

Also, I am running my network over a DHCP connection to my cablemodem provider, so it's not really clear to me that NetworkManager should even be doing *anything*.

I want to be a good Netizen and report this to bugzilla. My question is this: Is this a firefox, a NetworkManager or a dbus bug?

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