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Re: Adaptec SCSI Controller RAID 10 + Fedora 10

On Sun, 2009-01-18 at 08:50 +0530, Rahul Tidke wrote:
> Hello,
>    I have just configured a RAID 1+0 on IBM xSeries eServer using Adaptec 
> HOSTRAID SCSI controller and trying to install F10 on it; after selecting 
> the language and keyboard option, Anaconda installer gives following error 
> message:
> "Could not stat device /dev/mapper/asr_RAID10 No such file or directory" and 
> gives two option "Retry & Cancel", if I choose cancel and go forward it will 
> not detect my RAID arrays in the partitioning menu and shows all the drives 
> individually. (RAID 10 is the name given to RAID array).
> What is wrong here? Does F10 supports RAID 10?
hardware RAID is invisible to the OS itself.

I wonder if the RAID array isn't still getting itself online - it takes
quite a bit of time depending upon the number of drives and the
speed/size of the drives. I believe the process is called scrubbing.

The last time I set up a RAID 10 was on a 6 drive RAID 10 (perhaps it
was called 1+0) on a Dell MD-1000 and I went to lunch and shopping
before I came back to install.

It's likely that the RAID array isn't available for installation until
the process is completed.


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