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Re: Manage identities in thunderbird

On Sunday 18 January 2009 11:38:20 steve wrote:
> Hi Anne,
>  > No, I'm using (build date 5th Jan, buildhost
>  > x86-5.fedora.phx.redhat.com).  I don't suppose there's any supporting
>  > package that I should have, is there?  I don't recall ever seeing such a
>  > thing.
> I have the same build and the button shows up for me. Now, this might seem
> a bit obvious, but i've been bitten by this one before -- make sure the
> setting's window is maximized or at least large enough to allow for the
> button to show. An annoying thing about thunderbird (and i think of firefox
> too) is that the settings forms are not scrollable. Excuse me if i'm not
> clear, but what I mean is this:
> Missing button: http://lonetwin.net/missing_button.png
> Resized form: http://lonetwin.net/resized.png
> hth,

Darn it, You're right!  Being on a netbook I'd dragged the window up, but when 
I saw th Cancel/OK I thought that was all that was there - it usually is.  
However, stretching the window does indeed bring up the button.  Thanks for 
that.  It really isn't obvious.  You expect the Cancel/OK only to show when 
everything else has been said.


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