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Re: life without system-config-display

Mike Cloaked wrote:
> OK I need some advice please.  I have a machine with no xorg.conf and I
> need
> to have it running vncserver loaded when X itself starts.  In the past you
> could simply add a Load "vnc" line to the appropriate section of xorg.conf
> Please can you advise me how this is achieved on a system without any
> xorg.conf?

I don't know. Maybe xorg.conf is still the right place for that.

> Secondly, if running with an xorg.conf is now obsolete - please also tell
> me how to get a system that has Intel Graphics (a different computer)
> running X without any xorg.conf if the only way I know is to deliberately
> run with the
> vesa driver since the intel driver fails to work with that hardware?  In
> fact even adding "xdriver=vesa" to the kernel boot line will likely create
> an xorg.conf file?

Yes, you need an xorg.conf to use a different graphics driver.

I only said that xorg.conf should no longer be used to set options for input
devices, because those are now handled by HAL, and options can be set in
HAL FDI files. It is also not needed to get graphics up with the default
settings. But to set custom options for graphics, it is still the place to
set them up (unless you can/want to set them per user using XRandR, but you
can't switch the driver that way).

        Kevin Kofler

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