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Re: HOWTO: Use KDE 3 from F8 on F10

On Sun, 18 Jan 2009 13:46:19 +0800
Ed Greshko wrote:

> Carroll Grigsby wrote:
> >
> > Rex:
> > Is the Fedora 10 KDE 4.2 spin still available? If so, it might be 
> > worthwhile to repost the link to it. (I'd do it if I hadn't lost the
> > address). I've been running it on a spare partition for about a
> > month, and it is one helluva big improvement over the earlier
> > Fedora KDE versions, and gets better with every update.
> >
> >   
> Is the second link returned by the google search "Fedora 10 KDE 4.2
> spin" what you seek?  Seems like it may be since it does seem to be
> related to the person you are addressing....  :-) :-)

My alibis: It was late. I was tired. I had tried the Spins link at
the Get Fedora page on the Fedora site, but no joy. (FWIW, I just
tried your google string -- all I got back was this sub-thread.)
However, as the second mug of coffee cut in a few minutes ago, I tried
the Fedora People link, chose Rex Dieter's entry and found the link
that I was looking for:

The point I was trying to make was that the 4.2 spin is a much
different critter than the stock F10 install, and that those of us who
were/are very fond of KDE 3.5 would do well to take a look at it.

And now I'm going to make a second pot of coffee...

-- cmg

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