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Re: life without system-config-display

Aaron Konstam wrote:
>> OK I need some advice please.  I have a machine with no xorg.conf and I
>> need
>> to have it running vncserver loaded when X itself starts.  In the past
>> you
>> could simply add a Load "vnc" line to the appropriate section of
>> xorg.conf.
> vncserver is started by a /etc/inid.d script. It an be made to run on
> boot using chkconfig. Or am I missing something about what you want to
> do.
Yes I believe that quite a few people are missing the point  here - the
point is that if you are managing a machine remotely and need to have the
console X session visible at all stages of the operation of the machine then
the vnc module needs to be started when X starts - here we are not talking
about connecting to a remote X session visible on the client only but a
desktop sharing mode where I for example can see the primary console session
of a machine elsewhere even if the other computer is not yet logged in to a
user. Hence by loading the vnc module in the xorg.conf file (as i have been
doing for many years) then as soon as X starts it is possible to view that
session from afar and log in on as if you were at the screen on the machine

The ONLY way I know to do this is to load the vnc module in xorg.conf....   

starting the vncserver would presumably allow you to make a remote X session
visible from another machine but this would not be the primary console
session on the server machine where vncserver is running?  

I asked this same question some time ago concerning freenx where it seems
that the same confusion arises. I never did get any direct advice on how to
achieve desktop sharing between the primary desktop (including the login
greeter before and after the user login) and a remote machine seeing the
same desktop as a window on its own desktop session.

Please do enlighten me?

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