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Re: NetworkManager overwriting resolv.conf

Anne Wilson-4 wrote:
>> That used to be accurate -- but NetworkManager now also handles
>> system-wide network setup. Anaconda and system-config-network both
>> default to setting up NetworkManager connections, which if marked
>> "Connect automatically", will be configured at boot (before login) if
>> connectivity is present.
> Really?  It always asks me for a gnome-keyring passphrase after I've
> logged in 
> and before it connects.  If you can tell me how to get this 'Connect 
> automatically' I'd be extremely interested
> Anne

I would also love to know how to make NM connect system wide for a wireless
connection - I tried this on one laptop following some advice on editing the
config files to add an additional parameter - 

The advice I saw was:
"Edit /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf, and add ",keyfile" to
the end of the "plugins=" line.  Then 'killall -TERM
nm-system-settings', and you should be able to make system-wide
connections in the connection editor just by checking the "Make
available to all users" checkbox."

But it did not work.....

Anyone know how to really make it work in a fully up to date F10 system?
Here I am thinking of a wireless connection to an AP using WPA2...
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