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Re: rpm FC10

Patrick Dupre wrote:

I need to clean the rpm packages after a failure in the final update of Fedora 10.
disk full !
Every times I make more than 15 rpm -e "package"
the database is mess up.
I need to run a rpm --rebuilddb.
Why ?
I have the same problem with 2 machines !!


Are you keeping old packages around.  Try yum clean packages to see if it erases anything and frees up some disk space.

In your situation I would try using yum for the removal too. I run F10 and have hundreds of updates with their corresponding changes to the RPM database without any issues at all. But I don't use RPM directly, it is called from yum. If this is not caused by any other issue it is a bug in RPM (are you using --nodeps option to erase packages even if they have dependencies?). The disk full problem could be causing this due to space problems for the database also.

yum remove <list of packages here in the format of just the name e.g. evolution thunderbird gcc >

Yum will inform you of any dependency problems.

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