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F10: Does not seem to work with an older system: Client-Pro: DX5000

The system: ClientPro, DX5000 has:

(1) Intel `Outrigger' Dual 840  w/ Integrated Components Motherboard
(1) PIII, 866Mhz, 133 FSB, 256K SECC2
RAM: (2) 64M x 18 (128MB) Samsung PC800, RIMM = 256MB

I am trying to install F10 on this system, it's slow, but chugs along,
and brings up the GUI.  I do get complaints of the applets not being
able to be installed and ask me if I want to delete these applets (Clock,
User Switcher, Workspace, and some other applets) and I do not delete
them.  I am able to pull the Gnome Terminal window up and  check to
see if my disk drive is there (it is).

But the minute that I try to start: 'Install to Hard Drive' icon, it spins for
awhile, the CD/Disk is churning away for a looong time (more than a day),
and eventually the mouse jerks heavily (very busy) until a point there is
extremely slow activity as if the queue is very, very busy in responding to
keyboard/mouse requests, almost as if it is not being recognized.

I do not get the installer gui at all.

In the same token, I tried the same with F9, and it works, no problem, no
complaints of `failed applets', can get the installer GUI and can proceed
with installation.

Perhaps the issue is there is not enough resources (RAM) in that the hard
disk is swapping heavily?

Maybe nowadays, older systems will no longer be supported?

Perhaps I will need to use the anaconda method in order to successfully
install F10, assuming that it is available, bypassing the GUI based F10
installer and perhaps in the end is not worth it due to low memory (256MB)
and I'd just have to get more memory i.e (2) 512MB RIMMs @ ~59.00 ea.?

Seems that this path is not worth it with faster motherboards out and cheaper RAMs? Seems like a no-brainer, but I'd still have to spend >$200 for hardware

Just wondered,

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