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Re: how to stop gnome holding a lock on auth popups

On 01/18/2009 04:07 PM, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Mail Lists wrote:
>>    When an auth popup comes (ssh for example) asking for a password - it
>> steals the focus and I  cannot move focus away from that window - how do
>> I turn off this behaviour and allow me to enter that window when I am
>> ready - and not let it be so dang rude and not let me do anything else
>> ... I may have other more urgent things I need to do on the computer ...
>> than give all my attention to that auth window ..
> It's a security "feature".

  MMM ... one persons feature can annoy the others boss/customer/spouse
... no end ...

   Looks like users do not have control of the gnome session environment
that I found - I did find a registry entry :

	turn off auth_dialog_grab_keyboard

  However while this allowed the mouse to open other windows, the
keyboard was still locked to the auth window - whic,h given the
name,seems odd ... perhaps this will change after a reboot ?

> If you're running KDE, you can use ksshaskpass instead of openssh-askpass,
> it doesn't do that. If you aren't running KDE, you'll have to tweak things
> a bit to get ksshaskpass used (it only registers itself for KDE,
> in /etc/kde/env).

  Looks like one way would be to modify /etc/profile.d/gnome-ssh-askpass.sh

   However this seems like a hack ... I have not tried this yet, but
presumably changing this to point to ksshaskpass may help.

   Is there a clean way ? Also I did find that one can turn off
gnome-keyring from usurping ssh-agent - however, I could find no clean
way to actually start a real ssh-agent in gnome in a way to have its
socket available to child processes - it is hard coded off in
/etc/X11/xdm/Xsession. I tried switching from gdm to kdm but that did
not help unless the session was kde instead of gnome.

  Once again - modifying /etc/X11/xdm/Xsession seems like a bad hack to me.


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