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Re: FC10 install,3Gb not enough

Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> OK.  My first attempt to install F10 on my Asus Eee has failed with not
> enough disk space.  Does not supprise me, given all the crude of rpms
> that has to be downloaded before expanded.
> However, I also have a 4Gb SD card installed.  What directory to I map
> to a partition on the SD card so that all the rpms go there?
I would run "yum clean all", and then copy the directory structure
to your SD card. Then mount the SD card partition at /var/cache/yum.

> Then after install and updates how do I set this back to just work off
> the main drive?
Run "yum clean all" again, and remove the SD card mount.

> I have set up a 1Gb swap partition and a 2.8Gb ext3 partition for / on
> the main SSD drive.  Trying to keep the overhead to the lowest, not
> using LVM...
> So where do all the rpms go?  /var/<what>???

The yum clean all is probably not strictly necessary, but it should
help avoid any stale information when switching between storage
locations. It will also give you a bit more room on the main drive.


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