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Re: FC10 install,3Gb not enough

Robert Moskowitz wrote:
Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Robert Moskowitz wrote:
OK. My first attempt to install F10 on my Asus Eee has failed with not
enough disk space. Does not supprise me, given all the crude of rpms
that has to be downloaded before expanded.

However, I also have a 4Gb SD card installed. What directory to I map
to a partition on the SD card so that all the rpms go there?

I would run "yum clean all", and then copy the directory structure
to your SD card. Then mount the SD card partition at /var/cache/yum.

Thanks, but I can't work it QUITE that way, the install failed. So there is nothing to clean. I need to map /var/cache/yum with Disk Druid as part of the install.

Well I gave /var/cache/yum 2Gb and did not include Open Office in the install, and still ran out of disk space. This time I will give it the whole 3.8Gb on the SD card, but I wonder if it is really using the SD card. I think I will try and mount it first on another system and see what is there.....

Then after install and updates how do I set this back to just work off
the main drive?

Run "yum clean all" again, and remove the SD card mount.


I have set up a 1Gb swap partition and a 2.8Gb ext3 partition for / on
the main SSD drive. Trying to keep the overhead to the lowest, not
using LVM...

So where do all the rpms go? /var/<what>???


The yum clean all is probably not strictly necessary, but it should
help avoid any stale information when switching between storage
locations. It will also give you a bit more room on the main drive.


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