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Re: For some reason, I am not getting fedora-list emails.

Matthew Flaschen wrote:
Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
I think I will go back to the mailing list to ensure that they did not
change my settings.

I doubt it changed your settings behind your back.  It's more likely
that your email provider has a filtering problem.

Matt Flaschen
I don't have an email provider! I am the administrator of my own email server and I can see *all* email traffic that comes in. All of my other redhat mailing
list are coming in fine, just not fedora-list.

I noticed that I was not able to get into my fedora-list configuration tool, and had to enter in as a new user, reconfigure my new settings, although my other
mailing list were ok (as I was receiving fedora-devel-list emails), just not
fedora-list.  Something changed obviously, "behind my back", but I do not
think it would be intentional by the redhat folks. ;)

I will wait and see what happens in the next few days to see if the fedora-list
comes streaming in or not.


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