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Re: For some reason, I am not getting fedora-list emails.

Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
>  I surmise that it is the Fedora-list email
> delivery system that is not sending a copy to me.
> I think I will go back to the mailing list to ensure that they did not
> change
> my settings.
I seriously doubt the source of your problem is the fedora list
server.   Do you seriously think a list admin is going to arbitrarily 
change your email settings when you haven't been an AH?  As far as I
know, you haven't caused people to get all bent out of shape or anything. 

It should be noted that your email provider is using "Microsoft ESMTP
MAIL Service" on their MX hosts.  Have you gone to
http://www.aracnet.com/support/ to find their support contact
information and asked them to look into the issue?

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