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Re: For some reason, I am not getting fedora-list emails.

> Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
> >  I surmise that it is the Fedora-list email
> > delivery system that is not sending a copy to me.
> >
> > I think I will go back to the mailing list to ensure that they did not
> > change
> > my settings.
> >
> I seriously doubt the source of your problem is the fedora list
> server.   Do you seriously think a list admin is going to arbitrarily
> change your email settings when you haven't been an AH?  As far as I
> know, you haven't caused people to get all bent out of shape or anything.
> It should be noted that your email provider is using "Microsoft ESMTP
> MAIL Service" on their MX hosts.  Have you gone to
> http://www.aracnet.com/support/ to find their support contact
> information and asked them to look into the issue?

Again, sorry for being `out of thread order', I have no fedora-list emails.

Hmm.  That is a good point.    I had assumed that my ISP would not
interfere, but here's to my ignorance!

I will contact my ISP provider and ask them to check it out - maybe they
did do something at their end. I note at this time I have not received anything from fedora-list directly, as it does not appear in my email server logs whatsoever.
The odd thing is... why am I able to receive a TON of other mailing lists?
Why only `fedora-list' isn't?  Very odd.

PS: I hope I am not a AH, but others may disagree for whatever reasons ;)


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