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Re: F10: Does not seem to work with an older system: Client-Pro: DX5000

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
> Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
> >
> > The system: ClientPro, DX5000 has:
> >
> > (1) Intel `Outrigger' Dual 840  w/ Integrated Components Motherboard
> > (1) PIII, 866Mhz, 133 FSB, 256K SECC2
> > RAM: (2) 64M x 18 (128MB) Samsung PC800, RIMM = 256MB
> >
> > [snip!]
> >
> Installing from the live CD will be a problem with 256MB of RAM. For
> that matter, I am not sure you can do the GUI install with what you
> have. On the other hand, you should be able to configure X and boot
> in the GUI mode after you have it installed. Part of the problem
> with installing from the live CD is that it takes extra memory to
> uncompress things from the CD, and it also uses some RAM as a drive
> to remember changes and added packages.

Sorry for the email threading issue, I am not receiving emails directly
as there is a problem somewhere at my email server end or my ISP end
as posted in another topic.

I suspected it had to be RAM limitations.  Makes sense.  I have
another system with a slower processor (677MHz) but with more
RAM (512M), and F10 installs quite smoothly.  I guess the jump
from F9 to F10 (Live CD) requires significantly more RAM space.
I think I will install F9 but it may turn out to be very slow and with
high disk swapping @ 256MB RAM.  I'll find out soon enough!

I guess I will have to budget later to add more RAM to the DX5000.
The RIMMS are expensive  and I'll need (2) 512M modules @ $59.95
ea or (2) 256MB modules @ $39.00 ea.  The DX5000 requires two RAM
modules, same-make, in order to function properly per specs.

Thanks for confirming my suspicions!

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