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Re: FC10 install,3Gb not enough

Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> It took 2.7Gb for the install. I did not install openoffice, and have
> since erased evolution. I have 832Mb left on my SSD drive. Nothing to
> speak of in the /var/cache on the SD card.
> Oh, fun.
I am glad to hear you managed the install. For the most part,
/var/cache/yum will not have much in it. It can get kind of full
when doing updates, but the RPMs are normally deleted after they are
installed. (You can change yum.conf to change that.)

It looks like you are going to need to go through the installed
packages and get rid of the ones you are not going to use. You may
want to consider cleaning out /usr/share/doc, or moving it to
removable storage. You should probably have the storage there when
updating, or figure out how to have yum use the --excludedocs option
of rpm when installing.


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